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Surfing For Earthquakes And Volcanoes

Students use the Internet to research data on earthquakes and volcanoes and plot locations to determine continental plate boundaries. Extensions include interpretation of interaction between plate boundaries, causes of earthquakes and volcanoes, and the comparison of the formation of Olympus Mons on Mars and the Hawaiian volcanic chain.

Key Questions
1. Where are Earthquakes and Volcanoes located in the world?

2. How are plate boundaries associated with Earthquakes and Volcanoes?

Learning Objectives
1. Students will be able to make inferences on the possible location of plate boundaries.

2. Students will be able to identify plate boundaries based upon seismic and volcanic data gathered from various sources on the Internet.

3. Students will be able to categorize the types of interactions using geological data collected on the Internet and from other sources.

General Subject Areas
Earth Science, Technology

Author: Patty Coe, Michael Merrick


Student Activities
Students, using the web and guided worksheets, will research the correlation between plate boundaries and geological events such as Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Studetns will predict locations of boundaries based on information learned from the WWW.

Student Prerequisites
Mapping skills, including latitude/longitude, scale and distance. Internet research skills. Knowledge of the theory of continental drift and plate boundary interactions. Students should complete the Big Trouble In Earthquake Country lesson.

Assessment Strategies

Extended Learning
Available on lesson plan pages- students are encouraged to create a detailed world map illustrating all of the plate boundaries in our world.

Time Requirements
About 2-3 hours prep time and five 40-minute class periods class time.

Materials Required
-Internet connected computer with WWW browser program.
-Ability of print html pages as text is helpful.

Required Plugins

Additional Resources
Lesson Plan

Best For Grades
middle school

National Science Education Standards (NSES)
grades 5-8

State Science Standards
Grade 5 Earth Sciences
Grade 6 Plate Tectonics and Earth's Structure, Shaping Earth's Surface
Grade 8 Physical Science
Grades 9-12 Earth Sciences

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