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Ask an Expert

Ask an Astronomer@Lick Observatory
Ask your favorite Space Science or Astronomy Question

Astronomy Cafe
Ask the astronomer, or the space scientist, or look at careers, or popular astronomy articles...

The MadSci Network
A collective cranium of scientists providing answers to your questions.

Ask an Astrobiologist
Register as a member of the NASA Astrobiology Instituet's vitual community and ask any question or browse previous answers. You'll need Flash.

Ask Mr. Sunspot
Ask an astronomy question, get a scientist's answer. Mr. Sunspot's Answer Book

Ask a Solar Astronomer
Any questions about the Sun? Good turn-around time, and an extensive FAQ.

Ask The Expert at NASA Human Space Flight
Many questions to crew members on shuttle and space station missions. Questions are screened(!) and forwarded to the experts. The index is arranged by mission and not topic, which is mildly inconvenient.

Space Environment FAQ
From NOAA Space Environment Center. Frequently asked questions from "what is space weather" to "can solar storms hurt people?"

Ask Earth and Sky
The features page with a Question of the Week, Frequently Asked Questions, and a page of links to question sites for astronomy, Earth science, biology, meteorology and natural history.

Ask a High-Energy Astronomer
Ask a question about high-energy science: black holes, quasars, dark matter, and more...

Live from Mars
Questions to the men and women of the Mars team.

Ask an Earth Scientist
Volcanoes, tectonics, and why in the world, from the University of Hawaii.

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