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Quality Images, Movies, Games, On-line Quizzes, and More!

Many of these resources are included in the SEGway lessons. Use Grab Bag Items to supplement existing curricula, to add value to SEGway lessons, or include them in a new lesson of your own, using the tools in Make a Lesson.



EUVE Spacecraft Picture: image of the EUVE spacecraft

Shuttle Pictures from Johnson Space Center: images of the Space Shuttle

Exploring the Planets: online gallery with a wealth of images

Landsat of Your State: collection of Landsat images of the continental US

X-Ray Images of the Sun from the YohKoh Soft X-ray Telescope

Solar Image Gallery from NASA's Sun-Earth Connections forum links image collections from current solar satellite missions

Compare Visible and UV Images of Star Formation from the Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope

The Nine Planets by Bill Arnett: a collection of images and general information about the planets

NASA SkyView Virtual Satellite Observatory: an archive of astronomical images

Comet Hale-Bopp home page at JPL: general information and images of Comet Hale-Bopp

Center for Mars Exploration home page: images and general information about Mars exploration

Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Welcome to the Planets: extensive collection of planetary images

The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere: general information and images of the Earth's magnetosphere

RealAudio: Interviews and sound

What Do Auroras Look Like?
What Do Auroras Look Like From Space?
What Makes Auroras Happen?
Where Can You See Auroras?
Why are Auroras Different Colors?

RealMedia: Interviews

Scientists George Fisher and David Dearborn answer the question, "what is a sunspot?"

How geomagnetic storms on the sun affect the earth David Dearborn


EUVE Satellite: animation of the satellite in orbit

Rotation of the Sun: from January 1 through November 30, 1996, using data from Yohkoh


EUVE Satellite Launch: movie of the launch

Visible vs. X-ray movies of the Sun (Quicktime)

Animations & data-image Sun movies from NASA's Sun-Earth Connections Education Forum


How to build a seismograph

A collection of light and spectrum diagrams

Label the electromagnetic spectrum on this chart

Java Applets

Classify galaxies with the Hubble Tuning Fork diagram activity

How Do We Get Data from Satellites?: simulation of a satellite communication path

Interactive HR Diagram helps students learn stellar types, with a page on interpretation

Quizzes & Games

Geography From Space: an Online Quiz that tests your knowledge of earth's landmarks and features

Instantly Classify Light Wavelengths: plug in a wavelength value and get the type of light from this wavelength "analyzer"

What's in a Comet Anyway?: an online game

Online Sun Quizzes with answer guides:

Sun Quiz #1
Sun Quiz #2
Sun Quiz #3
Sun Quiz #4

Image Data & Maps

Interactive EUV Skymap: map of EUVE sources

Extreme Ultraviolet Light From Different Stars: examples of stellar spectra data from different types of stars

San Francisco area Earthquake Hazard Maps

Annotated US Weather Map

Earth Viewer: A map of the Earth showing the day and night regions, or a view from one of many positions in the solar system

Mars Today Tool created by Howard Houben of the Mars Global Circulation Model Group: current weather conditions on Mars. More Information about the Mars Today Tool

Electronic Maps of Earth

Average ozone concentration at the South Pole between 1979-92

Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere: example graphs of Neumayer Antarctic Station data

Ozone pressure vs. time

Ozone pressure vs. height

Satellite Passes Over Your Home Town: satellite pass information for major missions including the Space Shuttle

Astronomy Missions

Astronomy Satellite Missions List: links to individual astronomy mission homepages

High-Energy Astronomy Missions: information about individual high energy astronomy missions


Life in the Universe Curriculum Series: lessons plans from the SETI Institute

Amazing Space at Hubble's Space Telescope Science Institute


Sharing Stories About the Moon

Using and Making a Simple Astrolabe

Build Your Own Spectroscope

Make a Comet


Planetary Science Research Discoveries: a Web site devoted to sharing planetary science discoveries

Orbital Space Settlements: how to enter contests that explore this theme

NASA WeatherNet: links to many weather pages

At Home Astronomy: Activities for family participation

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