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Science Education Gateway
Center for Science Education,
Space Sciences Laboratory,
University of California, Berkeley

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What is SEGway?

The Science Education Gateway (formerly SII) is a collaborative NASA project which brings together the expertise of NASA scientists, science museums, and K-12 educators to produce NASA science-based Earth and space science curricula for classroom and public use via the World Wide Web. SEGway materials are produced by teachers in locally-grown collaborations with program staff at nearby partnering science museums. The partnerships support teacher-developers in achieving the goals of teaching Earth and space science online, and provide them with the training technical support needed for their curriculum projects.

The museum partners' expertise in curriculum and Web resource development, along with their existing channels of communication with the education and scientific communities, help create an active network of science education resources and users. The success of this model makes high quality Web lessons, activities, and self-guided tutorials available at no cost, providing opportunities for educators and students in many states and districts to use NASA remote sensing data.

This SEGway Web site is designed to help teachers locate and identify the resources they can use best and that fit their local curriculum and National Science Education Standards. The interface is the result of ongoing research by CSE@SSL, aimed at creating architectures and functionality to facilitate access to SEGway materials by various user groups.

SEGway is funded by NASA Grants NAG5-2875 and NAG5-7356 from the High Performance Computing and Communications Initiative and the Office of Space Science.

SEGway Partners

Science Museums:

  • Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA
  • National Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C.
  • Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley CA
  • Science Museum of Virginia, Richmond, VA

Research Institutions:

  • Center for Science Education
  • University of California Space Sciences Laboratory
  • Center for Earth and Planetary Science
  • Space Telescope Science Institute.

Visit our page of partner profiles to learn more

Site Statistics

The SEGway Development Team

Isabel Hawkins
Team Leader

Nahide Craig
Team Leader

Anne Miller-Bagwell

Susan Highlund
Curriculum Consultant

DC Spensley
Art and Architecture

Barney Desroches
Program Representative

Igor Ruderman

Lauren Garcia
Graphic Artist

Todd McGill
Web Design

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Science Education Gateway (SEGway) is part of the Center for Science Education (CSE) at Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL), University of California, Berkeley.
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