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Astronomy Scope and Sequence

This page is the table of contents for all teaching resources in the ISTAT 8th and 9th grade Astronomy curriculum. Each major topic is a hypertext link to a web page outlining the concepts and material to be covered, with navigation bars to the subtopics. Each subtopic lists major concepts, related standards, lessons, activities, and appropriate resources.

Measuring  the Universe
Distance, Scales, and Units
Measurement in Astronomy

Sky Watching: Astronomy Before Telescopes
Phases and Eclipses
Stars and Planets in the Sky
Seasons, Clocks, and Calendars

The Solar System
Origin and Scale
The Sun
The Planets
Moons, Comets, Meteoroids, and Asteroids

Gravity, Orbits, and Planetary Motion
Tools of the Astronomer
The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Space Science
Space Exploration and Remote Sensing
NASA Astronomy Missions
The Dynamic Space Environment

Stars and Stellar Evolution
Why Do Stars Shine? 
Different Kinds of Stars
Stellar Life Cycles
Galaxies and Exotic Objects
Galaxies and Nebulae
Active Galaxies, Quasars, and Pulsars
The History, Composition and Fate of the Universe
Life in the Universe:
Origins and Searches
Other Topics, Themes, and Tools
Ask an Expert
Astronomy in the News
Careers in Astronomy
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