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Useful Resources

In each topic of the scope and sequence, we have provided relevant resources. In this section, we try to bring them all together.

Each resource is identified in terms of access:

Requires computer access
Requires downloading from the Web
Key Web Sites
Resource Access Description
Science Education Gateway teacher resource site


Classroom tested internet lessons in astronomy and space science, organized by topic, grade level, and application to National Science Education Standards.
Center for Science Education

UC Berkeley Space Science Lab

web News, programs, events, and resources for educators, the public, and scientists participating in education.
Space Science Education at NASA

NASA Office of Space Sciences

web The main page for OSS education program. See especially "Helpful Information for Educators" and "Other Education LInks."
NASA Space Science Education Resource Directory Growing list of all the on-line and printable education resources produced by NASA space missions, past, and present. Keep checking as new resources are being added. Search for materials by grade/subject area or topic within a subject.
NASA Quest

Ames Research Center

Media events, on-line chats, TV and interviews bring students into contact with the world of NASA; technology, men and women in space, engineering and research.

Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum


One of four space science education forums dedicated to coordinating education resources on broad research themes. Educator's section has classroom activities, mission descriptions, images, movies, sounds, a reference desk, and "ask a scientist."
Structure and Evolution of the Universe Education Forum

NASA/Harvard Center for Astrophysics

Cosmology and astrophysics through high energy space observations. Resources include a Grand Tour of the Universe, Cosmic Survey in the Classroom and the Quick Guide to Black Holes for Teachers.
Origins Education Forum

Space Telescope Science Institute

Curriculum Materials, science information, and access to data from missions that study the origins of the universe, of galaxies and stars, and of planets and life.

Solar System Exploration Education and Outreach Forum

NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Find links, lesson page, workshop page, getting students involved in research, and direct access to government surplus computer equipment lists.

*Center for Science Education at Space Science Laboratory, UC Berkeley.

**NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.