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EUVE Satellite Dataflow Demonstration

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The purpose of this lesson plan is to illustrate, through a simulation activity, the communications path between a scientist and the EUVE (Extreme Ultra- Violet Explorer) Satellite, showing how the data are sent and received. This demonstration also allows students to get a feel for the dynamic of satellite communications and orbital motion around the Earth.


The objective is: at the end of the activity, each student should be able to diagram the communications path between the EUVE satellite and scientists at UC Berkeley's Center for EUV Astrophysics. Their diagram should show the flow of the data through the various other satellites and Earth stations involved.


Here is the "meat" of this lesson. Basically, the procedure is to place students in large concentric circles and throw a ball (representing the data) in a particular path. This link will give you the full (very full) explanation.


A list of some specific definitions that could be useful to print out.


Given a diagram illustrating the various sites and communications satellites, some percentage of your students should be able to trace correctly the dataflow pathway from a designated star.


Under construction. Currently available, a few intriguing math problems.

Ties to Science Framework(s)

A listing of the various ways this lesson falls under the rubrics of the State of California Science Framework, useful for lesson plan justifications (if necessary).

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Links to: "The EUVE Orbit" (obtaining data directly form EUVE); "Eyes in the Sky" (about technical aspects of satellites); and "The Electromagnetic Spectrum on Trial" (an exploration of electromagnetic radiation properties).

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