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Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer (EUVE) Satellite Dataflow Demonstration

© 1995-96 the Regents of the University of California

by Marlene Wilson and Dennis Biroscak, with contributions from Bill Hammerman and Dan Reimer.

Simulation image of the population of satellites about the earth

Artificial satellites in orbit around the Earth
Dr. Seth Shostak/Science Photo Library/ Photo Researchers, Inc.

  • Grade Levels: 4 - 12
  • Time Requirements:
    • Approximately one-half hour Preparation Time
    • 40 - 60 minutes Class Time
  • Materials:
    1. one 6" or 8" ball (slightly deflated)
    2. signs (provided) with yarn, string or ribbon
    3. tennis ball (optional)
    4. cleared space enough for the demo (20' x 20' at least)
  • Student Skills Required: Ball throwing and catching
Brief Overview: This is a hands-on demonstration of the communication between the EUVE satellite and a scientist on Earth.
Video of Demonstration with kids! This is worth the wait. Your Netscape disk cache (Options Menu) should be set for 2 Megs. Video frame shows students doing the EUVE data flow demonstration
Java display showing EUVE and data satellites Java applet animation of the EUVE Satellite Dataflow


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