Satellite Dataflow Lesson Plan Extensions

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Calculate the total time it will take light to travel the EUVE pathway from the EUVE Satellite to CEA at UC Berkeley.

(Hint: remember the formula: Distance = Speed x Time.)

What else do you need to know? Speed of Light = 186,000 miles/second. What about the number of miles between the Earth and various Satellites?

You can also calculate the approximate speed of the EUVE given:

Remember, speed equals distance traveled divided by the time it takes to travel the distance. For example, and as a BIG hint, since the circumference of the Earth is approximately 25,000 miles (distance), divide this by 24 hours for one rotation (time it takes to travel the distance), and you will have the speed of the rotation of the Earth (just over 1000 mph). Dying for the solution? Email

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