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K-12 Classroom Lessons

This is a workshop for teachers of grades 8-12 about the current scientific model for the structure and evolution of the Universe and the evidence that supports that model. It is a collaboration of several NASA outreach programs, including CHIPS, and is being presented nationally at conferences of science educators. As part of the workshop many different lessons are presented. You can find each of those lessons at this website.
CHIPS Science Investigation: Exploring the Interstellar Medium

This guide for Educators and Students, grades 9-college, includes descriptions of the Interstellar Medium and some hands-on activities to explore the science concepts discussed (heat and temperature, interactions between light and matter). Print and HTML forms of the Brief can be downloaded here:

CHIPS Lesson for Students
This web-based lesson includes exploration of topics appropriate for middle school physical and space science classes. Topics of density, heat and temperature, and the process of cooling with hands-on experiments, are explored all in the context of current space science research.  After these explorations, students return to the CHIPS mission with the opportunity to apply  what they have learned to thinking about the mission science.  The lesson is designed to revisit topics in several places - for example, we ask some tough questions at various places throughout the lesson in the hopes that students might revise their answers as they progress.  We recommend having students keep a science journal as they progress through the lesson - which can later be used to assess their learning.
Galactic Coordinate Activity students build a 3D model to help them visualize the galactic coordinate system.
The Boundary of Our Local Bubble An electronic version of our paper lithograph about the boundary of our Local Bubble. appropriate for middle school students.
Our Local Bubble Cutout This cutout contains the same activities as the paper lithograph, but is cut into a shape like that of the Local Bubble.