Welcome to the Interactive EUVE Sky map!

Sky Map

This is a map of the sky showing sources of Extreme Ultraviolet radiation (the colored points and the green triangles) as detected by the EUVE satellite.

  1. Make a paper printout of this page, and also of the four template spectra below.

  2. Click on any of the Green Triangles we've targeted in the Sky map to access the spectrum for the star or source located in this region of the sky. Go ahead and try it for a couple of the stars marked with the green triangles.

  3. Compare the spectrum that you have accessed by clicking on any of the green triangles to the four template spectra and look for similarities and differences between them.

  4. Your goal is to determine which star type - cataclysmic variable, white dwarf, early type, or late type - your spectrum most closely resembles. Record the star's designation and type on your own paper copy of the Sky map.

Following are the four Template Spectra you can use to determine the spectral type of each of the stars marked by the green triangles on the Sky map above.

An example of a Cataclysmic Variable Star

An example of a White Dwarf

An example of a Late Type Star

An example of an Early Type Star


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