Communication - Vibration, Electronic Signals, and Electromagnetic Radiation

1995 The Regents of the University of California

by Regan Lum

Lesson Plan...


  1. Introduction - Communication (time required: 1-2 periods)
  • Enhancing our ability to communicate through technology
    1. megaphone
    2. electronic devices
    3. laboratory- cup and string walkie talkie
  • Changing Voices to Electronic Signals
  • Sending an Electronic Signal Through the Air, Wire, Fiber Optics
  • Using Electronic Signals To Talk To and Control Machines (time required ? - This section still needs to be developed)
  • Closure

    Demonstrations and Laboratories:

    1. String Walkie Talkie Laboratory
    2. Making a Pie Pan Speaker Demonstration
    3. Making a Speaker Laboratory
    4. Modulated Laser Laboratory

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