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The resources from the workshop in the order they were presented

Where To Find Workshop Resources?

Energy Game
Overview of Key Concepts
Exploring Magnetism Activities
The Electromagnetic Spectrum Demonstration Activity (Found in printed pages handed out at the workshop and in the 'Living With a Star' Guide [Activity 2])
World Energy Brief Powerpoint
The Real Reasons for Seasons Activities
Exploring Solar Electricity: Mirrors, PV Effects Activities
Addressing Standards in 6th Grade with Solar Cooking Powerpoint
Exploring Solar Electricity: Circuits, Powering Loads Activities(found in same powerpoint above about mirrors and pv effects)
Elementary Breakout Session: Eye on the Sky Activities
Middle/High School Breakout Session: Living with a Star Activities(Activities are found in printed guide handed out at the workshop)
Passive Solar Home Design Powerpoint
The Energy Future We Could Create Powerpoint
NASAs Science of the Sun Powerpoint
DeAnn Karl's Teacher Presentation from the Follow-Up Workshop in Feb. 2013

Where to Find Workshop Materials?

Document with Links to Sources of Materials

Where To Find California Standards Connections?

For Lessons and Project in Your Solar Home Guidebook
For Eye on the Sky

Where to Find Other Relevant Resources and Materials?

NASA materials on Sun Science
NASA materials on the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Sunspot & Space Weather Guide
Space Weather Media Viewer
Sunslider: a view of the Sun in many wavelengths
Phet: Interactive Science Simulations