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Solar Energy-Solar Science K-12 Teacher Workshops

"Energy from the Sun" was a NASA-funded teacher professional development project led by Multiverse at UC Berkeley in partnership with We Care Solar. Our shared aim was to bring solar energy and solar science together in a way that enhanced the teaching of both topics. "The Sun is Amazing" two-day workshop was a great opportunity to learn about cutting-edge NASA solar research, as well as more down-to-earth topics such as solar energy and innovative technologies for powering our communities.

Our workshops were intended for teachers at all grade levels. Our presenters were NASA solar scientists, education and public outreach specialists, teachers, and energy educators from We Care Solar. Teachers had the opportunity to try out creative classroom activities to harness the Sun’s power as they explored alongside other teachers. Workshop participants received a wide range of NASA resources as well as free classroom solar materials valued at $275.00.

These popular workshops, conducted over two consecutive Saturdays, were free of charge.

Please note that this series of workshops has completed, but you can still find valuable resources in the menu to the left.


The Energy from the Sun Team


Program Overview

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in educating students about renewable energy. In California, companies throughout the state are installing demonstration solar panels on school grounds, and—through K-12 teacher professional development workshops—are introducing curriculum about the Sun and solar energy. High schools are developing Green Academies which support learning on solar energy and technologies. Students at these schools are learning about solar energy, and are primed to engage more deeply with the science and adventure of NASA explorations of the Sun.

From 2012-2015, "Energy from the Sun--in Space and on Earth" provided teachers with the knowledge, tools and materials to develop an accurate and robust understanding of solar energy. We met the burgeoning interest in teaching about solar energy with NASA's research on the Sun and its impact on Earth.