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My immediate family is just my wife, Maria, and I (for now), but our extended family is quite large.

I have family spread throughout the United States (Arkansas, California, Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia) as well as a large part of my Dad's family in Mexico. It's pretty cool to have have so much family everywhere. It seems like everywhere I go there's family nearby that I can visit.

I am very interested in my family history (it's quite diverse: Aztec, English, German, Irish, Mexican, Spanish, and Swiss). I have been compiling a family tree for several years now. I currently have over 400 relatives in the family tree going back as far as 450 years ago. One day I might have the time to integrate it into this page, but that will be a major undertaking.

Family Photos

Michigan Wedding (2006/07/07)
California Wedding (2007/07/07)
Dad's Side
Mom's Side

In Memoriam:

Christine Barnes (1974-1997) First cousin, once-removed
Arturo Garza (1917 - 2001) Great Uncle
Amalia Mendez de Nunez (1905 - 2001) Abuela
Nicholas Huerta (1997 - 2006) Nephew and Godson
Maria Luisa Garza de Nunez (1916 - 2006) Great Aunt
Esperanza "Ninfa" Mendez Nunez (1929 - 2007) Aunt
Josephine Edith Heiges (1930 - 2008) Grandmother - Pictures