Classroom Lessons - Grades 6 - 9

A New Spin on Solar Wind: The Moon, Magnetosphere, and ARTEMIS

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Lesson Summary
In this activity, students work in groups of 2 or 3 to build their own model of the Sun-Earth-Moon system. Students will use the model to demonstrate that the Earth is protected from particles streaming out of the Sun (solar wind) by a magnetic shield called the magnetosphere, and that the Moon is periodically protected from these particles as it moves in its orbit around the Earth. Students will learn that the NASA ARTEMIS mission is pair of satellites orbiting the Moon, measuring the intensity of solar particles streaming from the Sun.

Short Videos on How to Build the Model

1. Making the Sun

2. Nearly Finished Activity

3. Making the Funnel

4. Making the Earth and Moon

5. Taped Box and Using Remnants

6. Doing the Activity