Classroom Lessons - All Grades

Exploring the Earth's Magnetic Field Exploring the Earth's Magnetic Field - This is a workbook of 23 hands-on activities for K-12 teachers who want to discuss Earth's magnetosphere. The link takes you to the original site that contains an Acrobat Reader PDF file.
Download an Acrobat version here - (Adobe PDF IconPDF Format - 1.4MB).
Solar System Magnetism Solar System Magnetism - In this activity, learn about the distinct magnetic fields of the Sun and the Earth. This is adapted from an activity created by the Lawrence Hall of Science.
Download an Acrobat version here - (Adobe PDF IconPDF Format - 444KB).
Schematic image showing the Earth's magnetic field. Magnetometer Signature Tutorial
A review of the science behind Magnetometer Signatures. Prepared by Dr. Laura Peticolas. Available in PPT (1.41 MB) or HTML.
The Northern and Southern Lights Powerpoint Presentation The Northern and Southern Lights
Prepared by Dani Steele and Shayna Richards. Download the PPT file here (766KB).
Electric, Magnetic Forces
An applied science lab for grade 4 which esplores electricity and magnetism. Developed by Math/Science Nucleus.
Physics of the Aurora: Earth Systems
an interactive learning module about the aurora. This module focuses on the physical systems and processes in the Earth's upper atmosphere and magnetosphere that produce these mysterious lights. Developed by University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.
Auroras Alight!
A PowerPoint Presentation presented by Dr. Nahide Craig and Dr. Vassilis Angelopoulos. Suitable for grades K-6. Download the entire presentation in a single ZIP file here (includes the PPT file and all linked video files - 51.5MB)