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Ice On Venus??

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Time Requirements:
Preparation Time: approximately 1/2 hour
Class Time: approximately 2 class periods

Goals of
"Ice On Venus??"

Objectives for
"Ice On Venus??"

Materials needed for
"Ice On Venus??"

  1. Internet Connected Computers
  2. Pencils and paper for students to write on
  3. Map of Venus

Strategies for classroom discussion & activities

Students can find most of the essential challenges and instructions for this activity online by accessing the &quotIce On Venus??" Home Page . You can facilitate as follows:

PartA: Pose the question, &quotCould there be water ice on Venus?"

After discussion of this question, have students find online info about conditions on Venus that will help answer that question.

If you have a slow Internet connection, you can advise your students to disable graphics/images before they go to the Venus Fact Sheet site.

When the students go to the Venus Fact Sheet, they will encounter an array of data (below). The critical data that they are asked to get are all in the "Venus Atmosphere" section. Here are some annotations for your benefit:

As far as the other data on the page goes, they are not required for this activity buyt there are some interesting things...see annotations below.

If students have time to visit the other sites listed, have them do so with the idea of reporting on what they find to the rest of the class. There is lot's of information about NASA missions to Venus such as Pioneer and Magellan.

Part B:

Hand out a Venus map to each student and have them do the online activity of Part B: Find Evidence of &quotIce" on Venus. A key issue to emphasize is that the images that the students will be looking at are NOT visible light images, but images constructed from radar data. If you (and your students) want more info about the intricacies of interpreting radar images, read the Guide to interpreting radar images. Students can find the link in &quotPart A."

Part C:

Return to the basic question, &quotIs There Ice On Venus?" and accept any answers. Many students may &quotknow" that there is no ice on Venus. If so, ask them how they know that.


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