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Caption: Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (EIT) image of a huge, handle-shaped prominence taken on 9/14/99 by NASA's SOHO project. Link to NASA's STEREO graphics gallery
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  • Is the Sun always the same or does it change?
  • If the Sun is always changing, how does it change?
  • What events on the Sun might occur to influence the space around Earth and its atmosphere?
  • How can we determine if some event on the Sun has affected the space around Earth and its atmosphere?
"Exploring Magnetism" teacher's guide provides the basics of magnetism, magnetic field lines, and its connection with electricity IE IconExploring Magnetism
"Space Weather Forecast" teacher's guide introduces the Sun, solar activity, and its affects on the Earth pdfSpaceWeatherForecast-v.070507.pdf
The "Student Observation Network (S.O.N.) Tracking a Solar Storm" provides an excellent explanation of what solar storms are and how to detect and identify them. Begin to understand solar storms in the context of NASA missions and find out why many people (including NASA scientists) are so interested in learning more about our relationship with the Sun. IE IconNASA's S.O.N. Tracking a Solar Storm

"Space Weather" teacher's guide provides background knowledge for working with the THEMIS magnetometer data: Earth's magnetosphere definitions, a Sun-Earth connection lecture, time zones and Universal Time, the evolution of auroras, and space weather forecasting using geomagnetic indices IE IconSpace Weather
For teachers - a book with background material for the THEMIS magnetometer program describing the Sun and its influence on Earth's magnetic field. A description of magnetometers is also included in this background guide along with some other topics: IE IconTHEMIS GEONS guide
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