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Caption: STEREO Graphics: This August 23, 2005 image shows a magnetic loop above a sunspot region
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Message Board for Discussion and Questions

The World Space Week message board and survey will re-open on Saturday, October 4, 2008, and will remain open until October 10. Please come back on that date to take part in our activities and participate in this message board. Thanks for your interest in our program!

This message board allows students and teachers to discuss their findings after doing their activities. It will also be open for teachers to ask questions -- either to get clarification on the activities or provide feedback on their experiences. Teachers and students can also ask space science questions on the message board that will be answered there when a scientist is available. Here are some questions you might want to discuss:

  • Is the Sun always the same or does it change?
  • If the Sun changes, in what ways does it change?
  • What events on the Sun might influence the space around Earth and its atmosphere?
  • How can we determine if some event on the Sun has affected the space around Earth and its atmosphere?

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If you are 18 or older, we hope that you took our survey!

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