Ukiah, OR

The THEMIS/GEONS Magnetometer is located at:
Ukiah School
201 Hill Street, PO Box 218
Ukiah, OR 97880

Geographic Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude:
45.13 N, 118.93 W

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Laura Orr is a scientist and educator teaching grades 6-12 in a very small rural school district in Ukiah, located in Eastern Oregon. Laura hopes to inspire a new generation of scientists by providing students with the technology and leadership needed to gain access to any science related subject that interests them. She is also an active member of the community, involving herself as the director of the local ski/snowboard club, ski instructor at a nearby resort, advisor to the Middle School Student Body, certified scorer for Oregon State Standardized Test in both math problem solving and writing, a member of the Ukiah Preschool Education Organization, and the community garden club. Laura holds a Bachelors of Physics degree from Eastern Oregon University and is currently pursuing Masters credentials in Upper Atmospheric Physics.