Remus, MI

The THEMIS/GEONS Magnetometer is located at:
Chippewa Hills High School
3326 Arthur Road
Remus, MI 49340

Geographic Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude:
43.60 N, 85.16 W

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Cris DeWolf, Science Teacher at Chippewa Hills High School

Mr. DeWolf teaches Lab-Based Earth Science and Earth Systems Science at Chippewa Hills High School. He has been the science department chair of this school since 1994. Mr. DeWolf has involved his students with several innovative programs including field tests of both the SETI Institutes “Voyages Through Time” Integrated Science curriculum and the SOFIA project’s Active Astronomy lessons on IR astronomy. He is also actively involved with Earth science education in Michigan, serving on a Content Area Advisory committee for the state assessment program, and as the current president of the Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association. Through his involvement with MESTA, Mr. DeWolf has presented at many state level science teacher’s conferences and at a NESTA, share-a-thon at a NSTA region.