THEMIS Update and a Review of the Science Behind Magnetometer Signatures
By Laura Peticolas

2. Outline

3. Satellites Update

4. Ground-based Update

5. Earth’s magnetic fields

6. Magnetic Field Strength

7. Coordinate Systems

8. Geomagnetic (GEONS)

9. Compass-type (HDZ)

10. The GEONS Data

11. Earth’s Magnetic Field

12. Different Latitudes

13. Magnetosphere

14. Magnetosphere currents

15. Solar Wind (SW)

16. Effects of Ring Current on the Mag Data

17. Auroral Currents

18. Magnetic signatures of auroral substorms

19. Kp Index

20. Kp Index = 1

21. Kp Index = 7

22. Space Weather Effects

23. Storm and Substorms

24. THEMIS will determine which competing model is correct

25. Daytime (Sq) Currents

26. Ionosphere Effects

Kp Index
Kp index is a numerical value calculated from a global distribution of
magnetometers at mid-latitudes that allows scientists to keep track of the
level of geomagnetic activity on a given day.
Kp varies from 0-9 (log scale)
Kp is affected by many currents including the ring current and auroral
The stronger the ring current and/or auroral currents, the higher the Kp
index value
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