The THEMIS/GEONS Magnetometer is located at:
North Country Union Junior High School
57 Jr. High Drive
Derby, VT 05829

Geographic Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude:
44.95 N, 72.19 W

View the GEONS data here


Holly Wyllie is a science teacher at North Country Union Junior High.

Dr. Manju Prakash is now participating as part of the Vermont-region magnetometer. She teaches AP Physics as a faculty member at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics, a specialized magnet high school. Dr. Prakash completed her Ph.D in Theoretical Plasma Physics at Columbia University, New York under the supervision of Professor Akira Hasegawa. Following that she pursued a passionate research career in Laboratory, Space, Astrophysical, and Quark-Gluon Plasmas. She has published more than thirty research papers in renowned journals, monographs, and proceeding volumes. Manju has traveled extensively around the globe to give presentations on her research work on auroral arcs and magnetospheric substorms. She has participated in many hot discussions at ICS-conferences on the mechanism that triggers substorms. She has also closely followed the findings on CLUSTER spacecraft data on instabilities in the Earth’s magnetotail. She has been listed in Two Thousand Notable Women and has received a number of research awards from National Science Foundation. She feels privileged to be a residential faculty at MSSM. She loves watching Aurora Borealis, and enjoys clear sky, weight lifting, swimming, and outdoor activities in Northern Maine.

Maine School of Science and Mathematics
95 High Street
Limestone, ME 04750