Brimley, MI

The THEMIS/GEONS Magnetometer is located at:
Bay Mills Community College
12214 W. Lakeshore Dr.
Brimley, MI 49715

Geographic Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude:
46.24 N, 84.34 W

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Robert Dickinson. Science Professor at Bay Mills Community College

Mr. Dickinson has worked for BAY MILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE a total of nine years. He has been a science instructor and has worked as Principal Investigator on a total of 6 grants, the current one is the GLOBE and THEMIS grant, in which environmental GLOBE & THEMIS protocols are taught to teachers. They are supplied with the tools and techniques to teach their classes to make environmental observations in a scientific way. He has been a GLOBE instructor since 2001, when he was trained in Georgia as a part of an AIHEC- NASA grant.

He had the privilege several years ago of traveling to the North Pole with three of his GLOBE teachers and four students. They went as feet on the ground, taking ice thickness measurements, in a party of 21 headed by NASA’s Mike Comberiate. They followed a protocol developed by the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab of the Corp of Engineers.

As a part of a CIPA, Curriculum Improvement, grant “You be the Scientist” he introduced an “Earth Science with NASA images” and “Intro to GIS” to his students. As part of a DOD grant he designed and equipped a state of the art Chemistry-Physical Sciences Lab for the college.