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NASA Space Science Mission E/PO’s funded for SEGway
SEGway is a full partner in the following missions, leading, or contributing to their education and public outreach programs:

  • WISEWISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer)
    :: Mission Site
    Mission Questions: What are the most luminous galaxies in the Universe? Where are the closest stars to the Sun? Where are all the Main Belt asteroids larger than 3 km?

  • THEMISTHEMIS (Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms)
    E/PO Site :: Mission Site
    Mission Questions: Which physical process in the magnetosphere is the initial trigger that releases energy in the form of electromagnetic waves and accelerated particles leading to an auroral substorm?

  • STEREO-IMPACTSTEREO-IMPACT (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory)/(In situ Measurements of Particles And CME Transients)
    E/PO Site :: Mission Site
    Mission Questions: How is it that the appearance of sunspot groups is accompanied by large-scale eruptions of coronal material and magnetic field? Why do some of these eruptions occur in the absence of other visible activity? What role do these eruptions play in maintaining the magnetic flux budget of the Sun as a whole? What is the connection between solar flares and CME's?

  • CHIPSCHIPS (Cosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma Spectrometer)
    E/PO Site :: Mission Site
    Mission Question: How will the EUV wavelengths determine the electron temperature, ionization conditions, and cooling mechanisms of the million-degree plasma believed to fill the local interstellar bubble?

  • RHESSIRHESSI (Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager)
    E/PO Site :: Mission Site
    Mission Questions: How do particles such as electrons and protons get accelerated during solar flares? Where does the energy for powering these sudden releases originate?

  • FASTFAST (Fast Auroral Snapshot)
    E/PO Site :: Mission Site
    Mission Question: How do the particles and fields in the upper atmosphere change during an aurora?

  • EUVEEUVE (Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer)
    E/PO Site :: Mission Site
    Mission Questions:What celestial phenomena can be detected at Extreme Ultraviolet wavelengths?

  • NVONVO (National Virtual Observatory)
    SEGNVO Site :: NVO Site
    Project Question: What are the E/PO possibilities for the NVO and what are the needs of possible audiences for NVO E/PO?


The CHIPS and EUVE Missions represent the Structure and Evolution of the Universe Forum (SEUF), CHIPS and WISE are part of the Origins Forum,  whereas, FAST,  RHESSI, and IMPACT are aligned with the Sun Earth Connection Education Forum (SECEF). NVO is not affiliated, it is both NASA and NSF funded.


Participate in Venus Transit 2004

Venus TransitLearn more about Venus Transit Activities and join participating observatories on June 8, 2004 to witness the Transit of Venus and Live Webcast.

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