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Solar Storms to Auroral Substorms Presentation cover

This presentation is for students to learn about the Sun, its effects on Earth’s magnetosphere, and to learn a little bit about NASA’s satellite mission to understand auroral substorms, THEMIS (Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms).

This presentation is available as 1) a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, 2) an Acrobat Reader PDF presentation, and 3) a black and white Acrobat Reader PDF document in order to make overhead transparencies.

A script for the presentation is available in the PowerPoint presentation in the notes section or as a PDF document. The movies for the presentation linked in to the PowerPoint presentation have been compressed in a zip file so the downloading of the movies will not take as long as if they were not compressed.

     Download as: PowerPoint (PPT 8MB)
     Download as: Adobe PDF with movies included (PDF 20MB)
     Download as: Black and white PDF (to make transparencies)
     (PDF 12MB)
     Presentation Notes (PDF 94KB)
     Spaceweather Movies (ZIP 13MB)

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