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Calendar of the Sun

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Thank you for visiting me. I am one of the Mayan priests who helped to rule our people. In order to make observations of the planets and stars, we have become excellent mathematicians. We can predict all the movements of the Sun and the planet Venus. We have made  calendars like this one from our observations and mathematics that are accurate for thousands of years. 

I like modern graphs very much. They are so clever- a tool that I did not have. Now that you know how to make graphs, I have prepared something new for you. 

Below is a picture made with tiles of different colors.  What I would like is a graph that shows how many tiles of each color are in the picture.  Does this sound familiar?


Random picture generator here?  Start with a single pixelated picture.

To make your graph, I will give you some axes, and supply you with as many tiles of each color as you need.  But you will have to tell me how many you want, by answering the questions below. Pulling down the menu in the box at the end of each question and click on a number of your choice.

How many do you want to be red?
How many do you want to be orange?
How many do you want to be yellow?
How many do you want to be green?
How many do you want to be blue?
How many do you want to be violet?

Go on to get your axes and tiles.  You know what to do!

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