Light Tour

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My name is Galileo Galilei. I am the Italian astronomer who used a new invention, the telescope, to discover the moons around Jupiter and the rings of Saturn in 1610. Unfortunately, the Church was not ready for my new discoveries. They called me a heretic and put me under arrest for the rest of my life.

Enough, now, of sad stories. It's amazing to see how advanced astronomy, telescopes, and our understanding of light have become since my time.

Let's see if we can contact an astrophysicist to give us the light tour. 
Please type in a message asking the CEA astrophysicist if you can go on the light tour.

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What's this? Instead of getting data from our satellite, I have received a message. Someone wants to go on the light tour. Well, I think I can arrange that. Just click on the "next" button below.