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Sharon Daniel,  Assistant Professor, UC Santa Cruz

Ken Goldberg, Assoc. Prof of IEOR and EECS, UC Berkeley

Jim Gasperini, Art Director

Marco Molinaro, Director of the Science VIEW Lawrence Hall of Science

Steven dos Remedios, IT Manager Chabot Space and Science Center

Susan Schwartzenberg, Senior Artist, Exploratorium

Brett Stalbaum, Artist/Programmer

Beau Takahara, Director and CEO of Zero One

Stephen Wilson, Professor, Conceptual/Information Arts (CIA), SF State University

    UC Berkeley Team

Nahide Craig,  Astronomer, SEGway Director

Michael Gomez, Senior Artist

Isabel Hawkins, Astronomer and Director of Science Education

Roger Malina, Astronomer Director of Space Research Laboratory Marseille (France)

Greg Schultz, Astronomer, NSF Post Doctoral Fellow

Rejane Spitz, Associate Professor,  Department of Art & Design,  Rio de Janeiro Catholic            University (Brazil) and Visiting Specialist at UC Berkeley