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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is the NVO?
  -  What will the NVO do?
  -  Why do we need the NVO now?
  -  What new science will come from the NVO?
  -  How is the NVO diferrent from the archives we have now?
  -  How is the NVO different from past efforts to unite archives?
  -  What are the broader scientific benefits of the NVO?
  -  What are the societal benefits of the NVO?
  -  Where will the NVO be located?
  -  How will the NVO be managed?
  -  How much funding is needed for the NVO?
  -  Has any funding already been spent on NVO?
  -  What are the key steps to implement the NVO?
  -  What are the major challenges in developing the NVO?
  -  How will we know that the NVO is a success?

Download file: PDF document (Frequently asked questions and answers extracted from NVO Science Definition Team's Final Report)