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Student Area - Take a Spin Through the Solar System:

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Objective: You will pull together current information and images from the Internet to calculate the rotation rates of the Sun and the planets around their axes.

Preview: If you want to start with a preview of what you might encounter, check out the vocabulary pages. The vocabulary button is available at the bottom of this and other pages, if you need a quick definition.

Strategy: A. If you like to plan your strategy, go to a self-study guide. This section includes a lesson on how astronomers find rotation rates and periods of rotation.

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B. If you prefer to look first at what is available on the Internet for different objects in the Solar System, click a button below to travel at the speed of light (or at least 2400 bps) to your favorite location. They have some cool info and images that will make you feel like an astronomer who figures out the planetary spins.

Picture of Sun Picture of Jupitre Picture of Saturn Picture of Uranus

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