Picture of Jupiter

1995 The Regents of the University of California


Image and text of comet impacting Jupiter (image taken in infrared part of the spectrum).

Internet Information

These are the best images of Jupiter we found that can be used in calculations of the rotation rate of the planet:


  1. Click on two first buttons above, observe both images of the same impact, and try to find the difference in the locations of the same spot
  2. Read textual information about this imact and observe images taken at different times
  3. Trace both images using transparent paper
  4. Prepare a transparent templet having the same size as the images of Jupiter you are working with (do you remember the portable angle measurer mentioned earlier)
  5. Measure the angle of rotation of the landmark
  6. Calculate the angular velocity of Jupiter
  7. Calculate the period of rotation of Jupiter (you have all the necessary data)
  8. Discuss your results with other members of your group and make a conclusion.


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