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1995 The Regents of the University of California

Electromagnetic Radiation on Trial

by Nellie Levine (a.k.a. N. Levandovsky)


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In order to increase the quality of science education in high school and, at the same time, to develop in our students cognitive interest in science it would be helpful to incorporate elements of modern astrophysics into the curricula of different science courses, such as physics, chemistry, physical science, earth science, etc..

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Objectives and the syllabus of the unit may vary, depending on the time devoted to it, the grade level of students, and teachers' preferences. These are some of the non-traditional activities that may increase the efficiency of the unit. Group research work, poster contest, science conference, quipu making, and even, putting electromagnetic radiation on trial! - are among those teaching techniques.

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The idea of organizing educational games such as trials on physical phenomena was first introduced by Irina Lanina, Professor of Education at St. Petersburg Pedagogical University, Russia. (I. Lanina, "Not by a lesson alone (Ne urokom edinym)," Moscow, Prosvescheniye, 1991.)

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