Eyes in the Sky

by Bryan Yager

1995 The Regents of the University of California

What Preparation is Involved?


All Itech students should have completed the telecommunication module and the Internet resources module on a Mac Classic II. This module includes navigating through the Internet from specific menus to specific site addresses. The materials include student activity worksheets and hardware available in the Itech Communications lab.


The Itech Communications lab is set up to allow the students to work in pairs with the existing technology which includes computers, CD-ROM, Satellite dish and a modem or Internet connection to access NASA Spacelink. The fabrication lab offers the student teams the templates, paper and tape, as well as the rocket launcher to launch their rocket. Rocket fabrication and launching instructions are included in their packets.

Time involved:

The "Eyes in the Sky" module will take five 45-minute class periods excluding the fabrication and launching of rockets made by students.

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Lesson Plan


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