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I currently teach 6-7-8th grade Industrial Technology at Ralston Middle School in Belmont, California. I designed and built the Itech Computer Lab which allows my students the Modular delivery system of Instruction. Students work in pairs on learning modules that are self-directed. Twelve Computers, one CD-Rom, a modem and a Satellite Dish are used for interactive learning. The Lab is setup so the students use the equipment provided, reference materials, and collaborate with each other to complete the activities. Each module culminates with a hands-on project which may be a printout design or a fabricated project, made of wood, plastic, metal or paper. The modules may last from 5 to 10 days. Our Theme for this year was Space Station Freedom, its designs and future. We have kept up with all STS missions since Endeavour's maiden flight (May 1992), and take a field trip each year to the NASA/Ames Aerospace Encounter.

Here is a picture of some I-Tech students working in our computer lab.

Listed below are a few modules offered in Industrial Technology

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