The following 5 images were different ways of looking at RHESSI flare data (you may click on any of the pictures to enlarge them). The brightness scale and the contour lines represent the total number of photon counts summed over the observation interval. Each image represents photons in the 12 - 25 keV energy range.


Contour Image

Contour Overlaid on Regular RHESSI Image

RHESSI image

Contour image

Contour overlaid on regular RHESSI image

Surface image of a RHESSI flare

Combination of image, surface, and contour

RHESSI contour on SOHO image

Surface Image of a RHESSI flare

Combination of Image, Surface, and Contour

RHESSI Contour on SOHO Image

The last image is a simulated RHESSI flare observation (white contour rings) superimposed on an observation of the solar disk taken by the SOHO satellite. Although contrived, the image shows the expected correlation between data, namely that high-energy solar flares occur in strong magnetic regions, which are also indicated by sunspots.

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