Our Eyes In Outer Space

Remote sensing/Data transmission from space

Satellite Dataflow Applet and Lesson  http://cse.ssl.berkeley.edu/lessons/indiv/dataflow/HomePage.html 
From the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer Mission EUVE). 
This dataflow demonstration lesson and accompanying applet show how data from an earth orbiting scientific satellite is transferred to the scientists on the ground. Unlike the RHESSI mission, the EUVE satellite makes use of communications satellites to transfer it's data to ground stations on earth.  The RHESSI ground station at UC Berkeley will have its own 30 meter antenna which will communicate directly with the RHESSI satellite.

Bringing Images from Space to Earth  http://deepspace.jpl.nasa.gov/dsn/tutor/  From NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN) 
This tutorial focuses on image transmission from deep space missions, but much of  the information is also applicable to near earth missions like RHESSI.