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12/20/02 We have a new launch date for CHIPS: January 11 2003. Boeing and KSC are pursuing an issue with the fairing release ordnance on our Delta-II.

11/26/02 The Goddard Space Flight Center has a nice news blurb about CHIPS in an article at .
11/19/02 Only one month until the CHIPS launch! It will launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base on December 19th, 2002. See NASA's Integrated Launch Schedule for more information. Here is a picture of the Delta II rocket that will carry CHIPS into orbit. Here is a close-up of the CHIPS logo on its Delta II rocket.

10/22/02 Satellite To Study The Space In Space Nears Launch - This article about CHIPS appears in
10/13/02 CHIPS spacecraft was trucked from AFRL to the Astrotech
facilities at Vandenberg Air Force Base, near Lompoc, CA.

9/9/02 CHIPS spacecraft begins thermal/vacuum environmental testing at AFRL. Here is a picture.
8/29/02 CHIPS spacecraft begins vibration testing at AFRL. Here is a photo.
8/26/02 CHIPS spacecraft was trucked from UC Berkeley to Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) at Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, NM.

04/19/02 Great Intergalactic Cobwebs- Astronomers using NASA's FUSE spacecraft have spotted vast clouds between galaxies that might permeate the early Universe like a tangled spider's web.
01/16/02 The Gas between the Stars- An Article by Ronald J.Reynolds appeared in January 2002 issue of Scientific American