The purpose of the homeworks is to help you understand course material better. They are a mix of short answer questions and quantitative problems. They will give you practice in explaining concepts qualitatively in words and quantitatively with math.

Please be as neat as possible in your write ups. It's difficult to grade something that cannot be read. On quantitative problems please explain in words what it is that you are doing with the math. You will not receive full credit for simply writing down equations and numbers. This not only lets me know that you understand what is going on, but it will help you not get lost in the forest.

Homeworks are due at the beginning of class on Mondays and Wednesdays. Once I begin class your window of opportunity to hand them in is over. Absolutely no late homeworks will be accepted. Please clearly write your name on every page that you turn in, and please staple multiple pages together.

You are encouraged to work together with your classmates on these, but you must turn in your own write-ups, written in your own way.

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