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Image of Earth Globe

Look for "white stuff" in the NASA web sites below. If you find a white area, is it really snow or just clouds? Some clouds are "fluffy," but not all. If you find snow or ice, print or save the image, and add information to your Report Table

WARNING:  When you go to any of these World Wide Web sites, you are leaving the SEGway Search for Ice and Snow activity pages and visiting a NASA facility. To get back here, use the "BACK" button of your browser.  In some places, you will find small pictures that you can click on to make them bigger.

Earth Image Sets:

Image of Earth Globe1.  Office of Earth Sciences  [http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/]

At the Office of Earth Sciences there are nearly 400,000 space photos made by astronauts with hand held cameras

Image of Earth Globe2.  Welcome to Earth [http://pds.jpl.nasa.gov/planets/welcome/earth.htm]

At the Welcome to Earth site, there is a small collection of Earth images put together by the folks at JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory).

Image of Earth Globe3.  NSSDC Earth Photo Gallery

At the NSSDC Earth Photo Gallery site, there are Earth images acquired by spacecraft other than the Space Shuttle.

Image of Earth Globe4.  Earth Observation Mission Menu

At the Earth Observation Mission Menu, choose from a list of Space Shuttle missions STS 67 (March 1995) to STS 77 (May 1996) or later. Then you see two "clickable" maps. Clicking anywhere on the upper map takes you to a "close-up map" (the lower map). Red dots are where images exist.
Note:  Put a check in the "Image Captions" box so you will see text information about the images (and it takes less time to load). If the small image looks promising, you can click on it to see a "full-blown" image. 

Image of Earth Globe 5.  EarthRISE  [http://earthrise.space.com/]

The EarthRISE site has some really nice images from various satellites including Shuttle Missions. You can find pictures of the Earth for a specified location, for example, you can enter the Latitude and Longitude of the area of interest, or search by keywords like "Hawaii", etc.

Image of Earth Globe6.  National Snow and Ice Data Center  [http://nsidc.org/NSIDC/gallery.html]

National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)


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