Find That Comet!
Comet Hale-Bopp Horizon Maps

If you have not already done so, find out WHEN you can see the comet--pick a day that you might to be able to see it.

To practice using the maps, your classroom needs to be set up as a "horizon planetarium" with posters of the constellations hung on the walls in their proper locations for a particular time of year and time of day or night (see When Is It Visible). Your teacher may have already done this, or may get your help to create and hang the posters. Once that is done...

Pick out, download, and print the appropriate online horizon starmap (or get a copy from your teacher):

For any of the starmaps,

  1. In which constellation do you find the comet on this map?
  2. Which direction is it?
  3. Find that constellation in your classroom "horizon planetarium"
  4. Tape or "pin" a picture of a comet on the correct constellation poster.

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(Last Update: 9/26/96 )