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Exploring Magnetism

-Entire Guide
-Session 1 Worksheets
-Session 1 Assessment Rubrics
-Session 2 Worksheets
-Session 2 Assessment Rubrics

In the Solar Wind

-Entire Guide
-Session 3 Worksheets
-Session 3 Assessment Rubrics

In Solar Flares

-Entire Guide
-Session 4 Worksheets
-Session 4 Worksheet Solutions
-Session 4 Assessment Rubrics
-RHESSI Solar Flare Images
-Science Conference Handouts
-Solar Flares Cornell Notes
-Sunspots Lecture

Magnetism and Electromagnetism

-Entire Guide
-Guide 1 Worksheets

Exploring Magnetism on Earth

-Entire Guide
-Guide 2 Worksheets

Magnetic Mysteries of the Aurora

-Entire Guide
-Guide 3 Worksheets

Earth's Magnetic Personality

-Entire Guide
-Guide 4 Worksheets

Background Material

-GEONs User Guide
-Chapter I: Introduction to Geomagnetism
-Chapter II: Space Weather Effects
-Chapter III: The THEMIS Mission
-Chapter IV: Magnetism and Measurement Techniques
-Chapter V: The Fluxgate Magnetometer
-Chapter VI: The THEMIS Magnetometer
-Chapter VII: Web Resources

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