A well-known galaxy Classifying Galaxies

An Interactive Lesson on the Hubble System of Classifying Galaxies

by George & Jane Hastings
  • Grade Levels:  5 - 9
  • Time Requirements:
    • Preparation Time for teacher:  2 hours
      • explore lesson online ahead of time
      • save online worksheets to your computer and print hard copies for students.
    • Class Time Required: two class periods
  • Student Prerequisites: fifth grade reading level


  • Topics Covered by This Lesson:
    • What is a galaxy?
    • Hubble classification of galaxies
    • Practice in using Hubble classification system as an example of how scientists classify objects in nature.

  • Brief Overview:
      • Students will observe examples of galaxies that have different shapes.
      • Students will observe how the galaxy classification system of Edwin Hubble assigns galaxies to different groups according to their shapes .
      • Students will attempt to categorize unknown galaxies according to the Hubble classification descriptors.
  • Unit Features:
      • Teacher Lesson Plan
      • Worksheets and answer keys which can be printed for classroom/teacher use
      • Images:
        • Images from telescopes all over the world show the vast variety of galaxies.
        • Interactive classification practice with galaxy images.
      • Hotlinks to other useful astronomy websites.
    • Materials Required For This Lesson:  All materials provided on-line.
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