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    Auroras: Paintings in the Sky Student Questionnaire


    1. What does an aurora look like from the ground?

      a) millions of sparkling lights
      b) a rainbow
      c) a slowly waving curtain of light
      d) you can only see them from high in the air

    2. What do auroras look like from space?

      a) slowly waving curtains of light
      b) rings of light near the equator
      c) rings of light near the north and south poles
      d) millions of sparkling lights

    3. What causes an aurora?

      a) charged particles from the Earth hit atmospheric gases
      b) charged particles from the Sun hit atmospheric gases
      c) the atmosphere reflects the moonlight
      d) an exploding star such as a supernova

    4. Where can you see auroras on the Earth?

      a) around the geographic poles of the Earth
      b) around the magnetic poles during high solar activity
      c) in high latitudes near electric storms
      d) near the equator during high solar activity

    5. Why are auroras different colors?

      a) it depends on where the Earth is in its orbit around the Sun
      b) the Sun strikes different parts of the aurora at different angles
      c) they aren't - it's just different shades of the same color
      d) the colors are determined by the different gases in the Earth's

  1. What is the magnetosphere?  Explain  how it comes about.







    The Internet:

    1.  How would someone use the internet to learn about something?
        What are the steps?

    2.  When you use the internet to learn about something, do you usually find out

      a) just what you wanted to know
      b) more
      c) less
      d) something different

    3. What can you do to INCREASE the amount of information received?

    4. What can you do to DECREASE the amount of information received?

    5. What are some POSITIVE things about using the internet for research?

    6. What are some NEGATIVE things about using the internet for research?

    7.  How is using the internet different from going to the library for research? (besides books instead of computers)

    8.  Would you use the internet for research on a different subject?

    9. Which of the following do you use at home? (check all that apply)

       video games  ______  computer  ______  Internet/Web browser ______

    The Subject

    1. Would you like to learn more about Auroras?

    2. What was one thing you learned that you didn't know before?

    3. Would you like to learn more about Earth and Space Science?

    4. Did you tell anyone outside the class about the internet lesson?
        Who?  What did you say?

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