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The Best of The Solar System - Part II

1)  After finishing your observations of each image, complete a peer review with your partner or another student in the class.  Revise your description of the image as needed.

2)  Go to Part II - The Researcher's Description section under Best of the Solar System and answer the following three questions in the space you allowed after your initial written description of each image.  YOU MUST ANSWER ALL 3 QUESTIONS!

1.  What does the image actually show?
2.  What characteristics did you observe that will help you recognize this planet, moon, or special feature in the future?
3.  What else would you like to know about the planet or special feature shown in the image?

For homework, summarize what you have learned by listing the features for each of the planets you studied in the table below.  Please number each feature so your table is easy to read.


Planets or Moons with this Feature
















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