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Dr. Janet Luhmann speaks to
a group of students about the STEREO mission to study the
Sun in 3D
SEGway is an experienced provider of quality space mission educational programs.  Through an extensive national network, SEGway leverages the unique expertise of  science education specialists and institution partners such as the Exploratorium and National Air and Space Museum—bringing science discoveries to a wide audience.  

SEGway Provides E/PO Support By

  • Collaborating as co-investigators in Education and Public Outreach (E/PO) components of proposals
  • Designing and implementing effective E/PO programs
  • Providing high visibility event opportunities
  • Showcasing and publicizing the latest discoveries
  • Bringing current research directly to classrooms and science museums
  • Leveraging resources through partnerships with existing educational networks
  • Research on effective partnerships involving scientists in education and public outreach
Discover How SEGway Can Assist You
Dr. Mark Hurwitz speaks to a
group of public visitors to the
UC Campus on Cal Day
about the CHIPS mission to
study interstellar medium
  • Are you a space scientist working on a NASA Investigations or NASA Office of Space Science Proposal? 
  • Would you like assistance with the Education and Public Outreach component of your proposal?
  • Would you like to examine a sample mission project or look at the details of an existing E/PO plan for RHESSI at University of California, Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory?  
  • Would you like to learn how missions such as FAST and RHESSI are creating unique and effective EPO programs through SEGway and our team of partners? 

If you answered yes to the above questions or would like more information on how other space scientists are getting involved in SEGway programs, please contact us.


SEGway is part of the Center for Science Education @ Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley
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