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About SEGway
Students visit the Space Sciences Laboratory for a Solar Camp and learn about the STEREO mission to study the Sun in 3D.

SEGway is a group of educator-scientists working to present the latest astronomy and space science research to students, teachers, and the general public. SEGway actively collaborates with partners across the United States and has developed E/PO (education and public outreach) programs for a number of NASA space science missions including the EUVE, FAST, RHESSI, CHIPS, STEREO/IMPACT, WISE, and THEMIS satellite missions. SEGway has also been involved with E/PO programs for science projects such as the National Virtual Observatory and Stardust@home.

SEGway is a part of the Center for Science Education at the Space Sciences Laboratory (CSE@SSL) on the campus of UC Berkeley.

Most of SEGway’s programs are funded through NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD)

NASA SMD explores broad themes of research. For each theme, SMD has created an “Education Forum” so scientists, educators, students and the general public can share the excitement of discoveries and knowledge generated by space science missions and research programs. The forums are:

  1. Sun-Earth Connection
  2. Solar System Exploration
  3. Structure and Evolution of the Universe
  4. Astronomical Search for Origins and Planetary Systems

The Forums, in partnership with “Broker/Facilitator” institutions, make up the Space Science Education and Public Outreach “Support Network.” View NASA’s Support Network Organization to get the big picture on how the forum themes are interconnected.


SEGway is part of the Center for Science Education @ Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley
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