"...Thank you for all the resources you gave [us]. My students will really benefit..."
- Teacher attending a CSE@SSL Workshop

In our workshops, we present a number of classroom activities. Below is a listing of some of the major topics and lessons presented:

The Sun-Earth System Lesson Grade Level(s) Description
GEMS - The Real Reasons for the Seasons Elementary, Middle, High
Eye on the Sky – Our Star the Sun Elementary
GEMS - Living With A Star Middle, High School
S.O.N. – Tracking a Solar Storm Middle, High School
SEGway – Exploring Magnetism in the Solar Wind Middle, High School
SEGway – Exploring Magnetism in Solar Flares Middle, High School

The Solar System Lesson Grade Level(s) Description
Cassini – Reading, Writing, and Rings Elementary
SEGway – The Comet's Tale Middle, High School
Stardust - Think SMALL In A BIG Way Middle, High School
SEGway - Stardust@home Virtual Microscope Middle, High School

Galaxies and the Universe Lesson Grade Level(s) Description
SEU - Modeling the Universe Middle, High School
SEU - The Scale of the Realms of the Universe Middle, High School
SEU - Parallax – How Far Is It? Middle, High School
SEU - The Inverse Square Law of Light Middle, High School
SEU - How Old Is The Universe? Middle, High School
SOFIA - Active Astronomy: Classroom Activities for Learning about Infrared Light Middle, High School
SEGway – CHIPS Science Investigation: Exploring the Interstellar Medium High School

Physical Sciences Lesson Grade Level(s) Description
SEGway – Exploring Magnetism Elementary, Middle, High
GEMS - Invisible Universe Middle, High School

In our workshops, the instructors also give science presentations to provide a larger context for the lessons. Here are some of those presentations:

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  • Solar Science
  • Auroras Alight: Attack of the Accelerated Electron
  • Making Sun-Earth Connections
  • The Stuff Between the Stars
  • Galaxies Near and Far

We also have a large number of free educational materials from NASA that we can send to participants free of charge. The materials available are:

  • Solar Pizza
  • Auroras Posters
  • CSE Packet
  • Auroras! Book: English Language
  • Solar Events: DVD
  • Total Eclipse: VHS or DVD
  • Our Earth, Our Sun CD-ROM
  • CHIPS: Exploring the Interstellar Medium Education Brief
  • RHESSI: Discover the Solar Cycle Flyer
  • THEMIS: Informational Flyer
  • RHESSI: Gamma Ray Burst Lithograph
  • STEREO-IMPACT: Informational Flyer

To order any of these products, please email outreach@ssl.berkeley.edu

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