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Message from the Director We share the wonder of our universe, making science discovery accessible to all.
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Message from the Director

Dr. Isabel Hawkins PhotoSpace science is enjoying a golden age! Definitive evidence of the existence of black holes, the discovery of planets outside the solar system, and the understanding of how our active Sun affects Earth's space environment, are just a few examples of the exciting discoveries that astonish and fill us with wonder. Space scientists are poised to answer fundamental questions about the destiny of the cosmos and the possibility of life beyond Earth. Solving the mysteries of the Universe what a wonderful way to spark our imaginations!

Our Center for Science Education @ Space Sciences Laboratory has earned a reputation that sets the standard for excellence in space science education and public outreach. We develop innovative programs that serve educators, students, science museums, and the general public.

We are a team of dedicated scientists, educators, students, artists, writers, computer programmers, and staff working in a dynamic environment that develops our talents and ideas to their fullest potential for the benefit of space science education.

I am proud to share with you our vision, our values, and our programs. Explore the Universe with us!

- Dr. Isabel Hawkins,
Astronomer and Founding Director of of the Center for Science Education

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Why Space Science?

Space science, the study of the solar system and the Universe beyond, integrates a variety of scientific disciplines, mathematics, and technology. In an increasingly technological society, science education is critically important, enabling people to make informed decisions about our place in space, our environment, and the future of our planet. Space scientists offer unique and profound contributions to those who hunger for meaning, knowledge, and discovery. Through education and public outreach, we strive to make that specialized knowledge accessible to everyone.

All humanity shares a sense of wonder at our Universe. With appreciation for space science discoveries that continually amaze and educate us, we strive to spark excitement and engage minds.

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Our Goals

  • Increase the scientific literacy of the general public
  • Improve teaching and learning of science, mathematics, and technology
  • Facilitate and increase scientists' involvement in education and public outreach
  • Increase the participation of underserved groups in space science
  • Adapt space science research discoveries for broad audiences
  • Provide easy and equitable access to space science resources

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Our Values

In our team, we work collaboratively, embracing contributions from a variety of cultures and perspectives.
We encourage open dialogue and sharing of ideas with full consideration, courtesy and regard for everyone.
We seek opportunities to develop ourselves professionally by acquiring new skills, knowledge and greater self awareness.
We approach our work with full measures of creativity, imagination and innovation, striving to develop and deliver excellent products and services.

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Our Audiences

To encourage the flow of knowledge and provide equitable and easy access to space science resources, we serve and partner with the following groups:

K-12 Educators:
- We collaborate with educators to understand how students learn, and what excites and motivates them.
- We help educators adapt the unique knowledge derived from space science research for their classrooms.
- Other benefits we provide for teachers include improved content knowledge, new curriculum materials, and mentoring opportunities.

College Educators:
- Working with college educators, we strive to enhance the science literacy of undergraduate students.
- We develop curricular resources to help prepare future teachers of science, mathematics, and technology.

Science Museum Educators:
- In partnership with science museums, we reach broad segments of the population, including underserved groups, in exciting and innovative ways.
- We provide professional development for practicing teachers by enhancing existing programs at museums and other venues.

- We want to spark interest in the wonders of our Universe and foster interaction between the general public and the space science community.

- We partner with space scientists and assist them in making unique and effective contributions to education and public outreach.
- An important part of our mission is to share the scientific process, discoveries, and new knowledge from space science research with broad audiences.

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Our Programs

SECEF logo Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum:
National coordination and support of NASA Sun-Earth Connection education and outreach programs from satellite missions and research programs.
SEGway logo Science Education Gateway:
Education support for NASA missions, web-based curriculum development, and a national science museum partnership.
Eye on the Sky logo Eye on the Sky:
Enhancing basic literacy through science and technology.

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Personnel by Program

Group Photo The CSE@SSL team. Front Row (kneeling) (left to right): Karen Meyer, Greg Schultz, Isabel Hawkins. Second Row (standing) (left to right): Igor Ruderman, Renee Frappier, Ruth Paglierani, Laura Peticolas, Darlene Yan, Bryan Mendez, Karin Hauck

Dr. Isabel Hawkins
Astronomer, Senior Fellow and CSE@SSL Founding Director
  Dr. Greg Schultz
Coordinator of Public Programs - SECEF
Ruth Paglierani
Coordinator of Public Programs - Eye On The Sky Director
Dr. Bryan Mendez
E/PO Specialist - SEGway,
Karen Meyer
Program Manager - SECEF
Renee Frappier
Program Manager - CSE@SSL
Dr. Laura Peticolas
E/PO Specialist - SEGway
Acting Director, CSE@SSL
Karin Hauck
Senior Writer - SECEF
Igor Ruderman
Programmer Analyst - CSE@SSL
Leitha Thrall
Administrative Assistant - CSE@SSL
Jackie Wong
Museum Scientist - SECEF
Darlene Yan
Program Coordinator - CSE@SSL

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Personnel Directory

Name Office Number at SSL Addition Building Phone
(510) 64-
Frappier, Renee 202 3-8130
Hauck, Karin 233 2-2343
Hawkins, Isabel 203 3-5662
Mendez, Bryan 229 3-2178
Meyer, Karen 233 2-4185
Paglierani, Ruth 200 3-5669
Peticolas, Laura 229 3-6295
Ruderman, Igor 235 3-8122
Schultz, Greg 228 3-0012
Thrall, Leitha 229 3-0011
Yan, Darlene 233 3-3936

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